Cookshack Electric Smoker Review

Cookshack Electric Smoker With Amazing Functionality

One of the best electric smokers in the market since 40 years is the Cookshack that can be used for both residential units as well as commercial purpose like in restaurants. Without much of effort, it provides you great finger licking authentic barbeque. It is an easy to operate and easy to clean smoker. It gives you a complete control over the temperature along with smoke quality and timing by burning standard wood chunks. This Electric Smoker comes with full electronic control along with a meat probe so that you can monitor your barbeque without the need of opening the door.

After using the product from three years I now feel that Cookshack is the best option for all the smoked food lovers and this product can do all that larger and commercial units can do. It provides great barbeque without splitting the logs. It also gives me the versatility to smoke almost anything and everything. One additional feature of this smoker is that it has an optional cold smoke baffle that lets me cold smoke in this unit giving the ability to smoke fish, sausages etc.

For your ease, the smoker has a stainless steel interior and almost all the parts of this device are machine washable which enables to keep this unit clean without much of effort. Even the grease drains from the unit into a tray which is again easily removable.

Although I know that there are many companies manufacturing similar smoker for your kitchen but they all lack the amazing functionality and fantastic quality construction which is just perfect for your home.

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